Aarladdin (aka Aaron-Aladdin) is a crossover film from Aaron The Wise '91 and the first film of the Movie Spoofs, in the beginning of The Aaron's Adventures Series.


  • Aaron: Aladdin
  • Megan: Jasmine
  • Poseidon: The Sultan
  • Jake: Abu
  • The Magic Carpet: Itself
  • Kaito: Genie
  • Lucifer: Jafar
  • Kaa: Cobra Jafar
  • Chernabog: Genie Jafar
  • Lucemon Falldown Mode: The Cave of Wonders
  • Daemon: Gazeem
  • Parrotmon: Iago
  • Seiya: Peddler/Narrator


  • Parrotmon and Iago are both Birds.

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