Aaron's Adventures in Fantasmic is a special 2 theme parks in one story. This adventure is set in both the California and Florida versions.


Aaron and his new found friends are enjoying a night show at a special Disneyland Resort, to see the performance of Disney's Fantasmic starring Mickey Mouse. However, during the show, villains that our heroes have faced are back to create a Nightmare Fantasmic, with there being Lucifer. Can our heroes stop them before it's too late, or will Lucifer finally begin his conquest across the United Nations?



  • Pegasus Fantasy (sung by Jake)
  • Soldier Dream (sung by Kaito)
  • In The Dark of The Night (sung by Lucifer, starting the Nightmare)
  • The Realm of Athena (sung by The Miztyk Knights)
  • Pegasus Fantasy, Omega version (sung by Megan, and Aaron)
  • No More Mr. Nice Guy (sung by Rothbart)
  • Toxic Love (sung by Daemon)
  • Friend Like Me (sung by Keith)
  • Friends on The Other Side (sung by Dr. Facilier)
  • Be Prepared (sung by Lucifer and the other villains)

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