Aaron's Adventures of Lego The Adventures of Clutch Powers is an adventure set in a whole new world where our heroes have never seen before.


Aaron and his friends are now in a whole new world where everything is made out LEGO blocks, even the people. The team meets up with a man named, Clutch Powers, the world's most greatest explorer. Together with three other team members, a mechanic, a biologist, and a fireman, the groups travel to Ashlar, home to LEGO Kingdom, to save it from the clutches of Darkness.


  • Devimon, Myotismon, Kurata, and The Seven Demon Lord Digimon will guest star in this adventure
  • At the end of this movie, Clutch and his team will join The Miztyk Knights.
  • Aaron will also become the enemy of Malock The Melane.

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