Aaron's Adventures of Cardfight!! Vanguard is the season finale of The TV series adventures in The Aaron's Adventures Series.


The Miztyk Knights are in a new town where the most popular trading card game around is called, Cardfight!! Vanguard. They eventually meet a young boy, his name is Aichi Sendou, and he has been having some trouble trying to stand up for himself. But when one of his classmates named Katsumi Morikawa, takes Aichi's Blaster Blade, and loses it to Toshiki Kai, Aichi must Cardfight to get it back. Aaron and his friends try to help in anyway they can, will it be enough, and afterwards what other sorts of adventures will happen?


Season 1

  1. Vanguard of Destiny
  2. Ride to Victory
  3. Welcome to Card Capital
  4. Assault Twin Drive
  5. Whirlwind! Kamui, The Grade-school Fighter
  6. The Mysterious Card Shop
  7. The Fearsome Soulblast
  8. The King of Knights Enters The Frey
  9. The Shop Tournament Begins
  10. Enter The Ninja Fighter
  11. Ninja Fighter Withdraws
  12. Aichi vs Kamui
  13. Shop Tournament Winner Crowned
  14. The Fearsome Undead! The GanBlue Deck!
  15. Thrilling! Emi's First Fight!
  16. Team Q4 Heads for the Regional Tournament
  17. New Allies
  18. White-Hot Tournament
  19. Showdown! Nova Grappler
  20. Hidden Message
  21. Rematch in the Final Match
  22. The Holy Dragon Descends
  23. Fateful Encounter
  24. The Indeible Memory
  25. Beyond The Memories
  26. A Stormy Beginning! The National Tournament
  27. Jurassic Army
  28. Aggressive Movent! Tachikaze Deck
  29. When The Moon is Full
  30. The Strongest Team, Asteroid
  31. Beautiful Assassin
  32. Demon World General
  33. Blaster of Darkness
  34. It's Summer! It's Camp! It's Vanguard!
  35. Results of the Training Camp
  36. The King of Underground Fights
  37. The Return of the Ninja Master
  38. Miwa's Ability
  39. Return to Regionals
  40. Dangerous Scent
  41. Kyou's Revenge
  42. Psyqualia
  43. Black Vanguard
  44. Unexpected Visitor
  45. Shadow Paladin
  46. The Coiling Thread
  47. Another Asteroid
  48. Lonely Fight
  49. Kai's Battle
  50. At the end of the Battle...
  51. Golden Glow
  52. Songstress of the Sea
  53. The Battle Begins! Tournament Finals
  54. Gladiator
  55. Caeser's Empress
  56. The Man They Call "The Emperor"
  57. Fateful Showdown
  58. Clash! Overlord
  59. Fighting for the Top Spot
  60. Wall of the General
  61. Feelings toward Asteroid
  62. Lord of the Fight
  63. Two Powers, Side-by-Side
  64. The Truth of Psyqualia
  65. Awakening of Twin Blades

Season 2

  1. Gold Paladin
  2. Activate! Limit Break
  3. Team Q4, Once More
  4. A Challenge From PSY
  5. Let it Begin! The VF Circut
  6. Enter Team Ninja
  7. The Lion that Surpasses the Limit
  8. Fortune Telling Cardfight
  9. Dream Girl Dilemma
  10. Pride of The Elite
  11. The Advent of Genesis
  12. Challenger at the Snow Fields
  13. A Visit from Tetsu
  14. Excitement from Seoul Stage
  15. The Startling New Member
  16. Rematch of the Knights
  17. Challenge of a Hero
  18. A Legendary Fighter
  19. An Invitation to an Everlasting Summer
  20. Our Respective Summers
  21. Handsome Fight! Koutei vs Gouki
  22. Passion! The Hong Kong Stage
  23. Power of the Tag Fight
  24. The Entangling Weeds
  25. All Hands on Deck! The Legendary Fleet
  26. Blue Storm Dragon, Malestrom
  27. Q4 vs Ultra Rare
  28. The Angels' Dance
  29. A Gathering of Winners
  30. Assemble! Japan Stage
  31. Decisive Battle! Bridal Fight
  32. The King's Challenge
  33. A New Shine
  34. The Truth of the Wind
  35. The Blazing Lion
  36. Leon Soryu
  37. Judgment of the Wind
  38. Light and Nothingness
  39. Where the Wind Blows

Season 3

  1. Stand Up, It's High School
  2. Catching a Break
  3. Targeted Idol
  4. The Football Team's Assassin
  5. Birth of the Cardfight Club
  6. First Match! Miyaji Academy vs Hitsue High School
  7. Reinforcements from the Junior High School
  8. Kai's Shadow
  9. Who's The Vice-Captain?!
  10. Miyaji Academy, Middle School Divsion
  11. Idol Fight
  12. Reunion with the Wind
  13. The Powerful Fukuhara High
  14. Drama at the School Festival
  15. Legendary School Festival
  16. Hidden Fighting Spirit
  17. A Man's Willpower
  18. Naoki, The Challenger
  19. Feelings About Victory
  20. Showdown at The Summit
  21. A Windy Day
  22. The Mystery Dragon
  23. Facing The "Lock"
  24. Into the Reverse
  25. The Power of the Black Rings
  26. Dark Clouds over Fukuhara High
  27. Eternal Marionette
  28. Last Dance
  29. The Traitor General
  30. Kingmaker in the Moonlight
  31. The Fall of Daiyusha
  32. Yuri's Pendent
  33. Dark Dimensional Combination! "Яeverse Daiyusha"
  34. The Depth of our Bonds
  35. School Camping Trip
  36. Under the Starry Sky
  37. Pirate Flag over Miyaji
  38. Kamui's Fist
  39. The Ninja Master Returns
  40. Rampaging Angel, Rekka
  41. Friends
  42. Countdown to Despair
  43. Chaotic Destroyer
  44. The Power Within
  45. Recapturing Miyaji Academy
  46. Total Annihilation
  47. Aichi and Kamui
  48. The True Form of Friendship
  49. The Two Leaders
  50. Beyond the Bonds
  51. The Two Leons
  52. Breaking the Chains
  53. Kourin
  54. Ren's Wish
  55. Dragon Reborn
  56. Perfect Black Ring
  57. The World's End
  58. The Intersecting Path
  59. The Connected


  • At the end of this series, Aaron Matsuhiro will become a Vanguard Fighter, and use the Kagero Clan. His ace will be Dragonic Overlord. Aaron also gains Psyqualia, like Aichi Sendou, Ren Suzugamori, Christopher Lee, and Leon Souryu.


Aichi's new friends

  • Jake: Wow, this place is amazing.
  • Aaron: Yeah. I wonder where we are?
  • The Doctor: Well, According to our locator we are in a place called Hitsue City, in modern day Japan, of 2011.
  • Megan: Cool. It sure is nice here.
  • Aaron: Hey, look over there.
  • (the group soon sees a blue haired boy slump on a tree and trying regain his breath.)
  •  ???: My... My card...
  • (the group runs over to see if they can help.)
  • Aaron: Hey are you alright? Here, let us help.
  •  ???: Thank You.
  • Deedlit: You look terrible, where does it hurt?
  •  ???: Everywhere.
  • Deedlit: On it. (uses healing magic.)
  •  ???: Huh? Wow, gee Thanks a lot.
  • Aaron: Were just glad you better. By the way, My name is Aaron Matsuhiro. What's your name?
  • Aichi: I'm Aichi Sendou.

Aaron's Avatar

  • (Aaron is sleeping with Aichi, Kamui, Morikawa and Izaki at the training camp, when he has a strange dream from getting his first Vanguard deck.)
  • Aaron: (moans in his dream as he soon ends up on Cray.) Where am I? Hello?!
  •  ???: (roars)
  • Aaron: Hello?!
  • (Aaron soon turns to see a gigantic Red Dragon wielding a mighty sword in hand standing over him.)
  •  ???: Welcome to Planet Cray.
  • Aaron: Who are you?!
  • Dragonic Overlord: I am Dragonic Overlord, Leader of Kagero.
  • Aaron: I'm Aaron Matsuhiro.
  • (the two beings stare at one another, curious of the the creature they've never seen.)
  • Aaron: Look, I'm new to Cardfighting, so I might make mistakes, but I want to try as much as I can to treat you with the respect you deserve.
  • (The dragon stares at him and soon other units from Kagero appear beside him and Overlord kneels down to speak with him.)
  • Dragonic Overlord: Let's do this adventure together, My Vanguard.
  • Aaron: Sounds good to me.
  • (the two beings shakes hands as a bright light encloses the two.)
  • Emi Sendou: Aaron, it's morning.
  • Aaron: (wakes up and yawns) Oh alright Emi, alright. I'm up, I'm up Emi, I... (sees his card) Oh wow.
  • Aichi: What is it Aaron?
  • Aaron: Check this out, Aichi. My vanguard cards, some of the pictures have changed.

The Newest Adventure

  • The Knights decide to head out for their next destination. Until...
  • ???: Hold on.
  • Aaron: Hm, Aichi? What do you guys want?
  • Leon: We wanted to say thank you for everything you've done for us.
  • Naoki: Yeah, but it won't be the same without you guys.
  • The knights looked at eachother, and the back to their friends. They smiled.
  • Megan: We've actually talked about that.
  • Schmendrik: And we would love it if you came with us on our adventures.
  • Emi: What?
  • Aaron: Come with us.
  • Aichi: You serious?
  • Aaron: Absolutly.
  • Aichi: All of us.
  • Knights: All of you.
  • The other Vanguard players nodded in agreement, including Aichi.
  • Aichi: Alright! Thanks you guys.
  • Misaki: One question though.
  • Keith: What's that?
  • Mai: How exactly are we all going to fit inside that blue box.
  • The Doctor: Like this. (opens the door, and stepps in, along with the knights)
  • Kai: Wait!
  • The group runs in only to find a huge surprise.
  • Emi: Wow.
  • Aaron: Well.
  • Kourin: It's bigger on the Inside.
  • The Doctor: I love it when people say that.
  • Aaron: Ready everyone.
  • All: Ready.
  • Aaron Do it Doctor!
  • The Doctor: Geronimo!

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