Aaron's Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog (SAT AM) is the first Aaron's Adventures from a TV series.


Aaron and The Miztyk Knights have landed on The Planet Mobius, ruled by the evil Robotnik and his alter ego Dr. Eggman, along with some other villains.The Knights are attacked by Robotnik, before they're rescued by Sonic The Hedgehog, and join the Freedom Fighters to save Mobius. But, when Machinedramon is rebuilt along with giving the power to create more cyborg Digimon, our heroes' chances are about to change from bad to worse. Can they defeat Robotnik and Eggman before it's too late?


  • This adventure will run through both seasons of the show.
  • Guest Stars: Dr. Eggman, Machinedramon, Kurata, and Superimon
  • In this Adventure, Both Dr. Robotnik and Dr. Eggman will be revealed to be brothers, since they both hate Sonic The Hedgehog.

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