Aaron, & Friends Power Adventures The Battle Frontier is the third installment in the entire Aaron Adventures Series.


The Miztyk Knights


The Knigdom of Darkness

Season 1

  • The Mystery of The Abandoned Theater
  • Aaron vs Yuma
  • Aaron vs Shark
  • Aaron vs Kite
  • Beware, Skeith!
  • Enter Captain Hook
  • Tori meets Xion
  • Lelouch's Retribution
  • Dueling Weddings

Season 2

  • Lucifer's newest Allies
  • The Return of Smaug
  • King Zoron Returns
  • Vacation extravaganza!
  • Our repective summers
  • Xion's First Cardfight
  • Sapphire grows up
  • Jurassic Park fun ride
  • Father of Supreme King, The Skeleton King
  • The Arrival of Aincrad


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