Aaron, Arik, & Friends Power Adventures is a special series that combines The Miztyk Knight Teams of the past, & present as they unite to take down their enemies in order to save the future.

Arik, & his friends have encountered a new enemy, called Paradox, who has joined The Kingdom of Darkness, in order to end the adventure teams in the past so he can create a new future. But our heroes won't let him do that, so our heroes follow him to the past to join up with other Adventure teams to defeat Paradox for good.


  • Aaron's Miztyk Knights
  • Arik's Miztyk Knights
  • and more




  • The Journey Begins
  • Old Freinds but younger
  • Dragon Frenzy
  • A new enemy
  • Time Loses Control
  • Incoming, Malefor
  • The Grand Battle Royal
  • Winner is...
  • The Final Battle: Father vs Son
  • Secrets Revealed
  • The Journey Home


  • This series is mainly a what if adventure series for those who are wondering about what the series is.

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