Aaron Goes to The Road to El Dorado is one of the third season episodes of the Aaron's Adventures Series.


Aaron have traveled to Spain in the time of the legendary Spanish Conquestadors and Hernan Cortes, who prepare to leave for the conguest of the New World, for the Three G's, their home, glory and Gold! Our Heroes meet two gamblers named Miguel and Tulieo, and sneak on board Cortez's very boat and become the ships prisoners. After they make an escape, they discover El Dorado, The legendary city of Gold, and are believed to be Gods. What will happend to our heroes next?


  • Jafar, Maleficent, Lucifer, and Teridax will guest star in this adventure.
  • This Adventure will also introduce The Doctor, starting as Peter Cushning. He joins the team and provides transport to there new adventures from here on.


(Willykat, and Willykit learn El Dara's true name)

  • Wilykit: Maybe you can help us out, were looking for El Dara, The City of Treasure.
  • Tulio: Why?
  • Wilykat: We want to help our Mom in paying for the farm at home.
  • Miquel: You have any proof?
  • Wilykat: This. It's a map to the city's location. (holds map)
  • Miquel: Wow. Let's have a look. (examines the map carefully, giving Tulio intrest as well.)
  • Wilykit: Well?
  • Miquel: El Dara isn't the name of The City of Treasure.
  • Wilykit: But...?
  • Miquel: It's real name is, El Dorado.
  • Wilykat: El Dorado?
  • Miquel: It's The Legendary City of Gold. With that gold, you'll be able to pay for your family land, and all the food you need.
  • Wilykit: Will you help us, plaese?
  • Tulio: Well, all right.
  • Miquel: Count me in to.
  • Wilykat, and Kit: YAHOO!

(delivery, and new friend)

  • (Wilykat, and kit have just sent the gold to there home to pay for there farm.)
  • Lion-O: You two were very brave, and responsible out there. I'm proud of you both.
  • Wilykit: Thanks Lion-O.
  • ???: Oh, what a surprise.
  • Knights: Huh?
  • Aaron: Who's there? (sees a police box.) What the...?
  • Elderly Man: Hello there.
  • Aaron: Who are you, sir? You seem to know us.
  • The Doctor: I'm simply called The Doctor, while other people prefer to call me Doctor Who.
  • Jake: As in "The Doctor", The Timelord Doctor Who?
  • The Doctor: Indeed.
  • Megan: Then would that happen to be The TARDIS?
  • The Doctor: Yes. And I was wondering If I could join, provide you with transport from one world to another.
  • Aaron: Sure.
  • The Doctor: In that case, shall we be going?
  • Knights: Lets.

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