Aaron Meets Nausicaa of The Valley of The Wind is one of many adventures in the world of Studio Ghibli in The Aaron's Adventures Series.


The Miztyk Knights are on the same world that they know except that everything around has changed, for 1000 years have passed in the world after THE SEVEN DAYS OF FIRE. Our Heroes then meet Nausicaa, and her friend Lord Upa, and travel to The Valley of The Wind, where everything is clean, and the Valley is safe with thanks to the wind. But, when an ancient being is revieved, Our heroes and Nausicaa, have to stop it before it's too late.


  • This Adventure will guest star the return of Lucifer and his demon allies, in a whole new look for the rest of the series.
  • Several new members will join after they meet in the valley of the wind, along with a new enemy. For the New Villain: Ashram. Heroes: Hitomi, Van and his Gimilith: Escaflowne, Parn and Deedlit.


(New Friends)

  • Aaron: This valley is so beautiful.
  • Megan: Yeah. I wonder what else people do living here.
  • (the group soon bumps into a couple)
  • ???: Hey, What do you think your doing?!
  • Megan: Sorry about that.
  • ???: It's all right. Accidents happen.
  • Koga: By the way who are you.
  • Van: I'm Van.
  • Hitomi: And I'm Hitomi. Hitomi Kanzaki.
  • Aaron: It's nice to meet you.
  • ???: Quite so.
  • Group: Huh..?
  • ???: Hello there.
  • Aaron: Hello there, who are you?
  • Parn: My name is Parn.
  • Van: Your here alone?
  • (another voice answers with strong gust of wind.)
  • ???: No he isn't.
  • (the group soon sees an elf next to Parn, and with a friendly smile.)
  • Athena: Why hello there. What is your name?
  • Deedlit: My name is Deedlit.
  • Aaron: It's an honor to meet you all.
  • Deedlit The Feelings Mutual.

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