Aaron Meets The Prince of Egypt is one of Aaron's Adventures set during the time of Ancient Egypt in the Bible's Old Testament.


Aaron and the Miztyk Knights in Egypt to discover Israelites in slavery to the Egyptians. In worse matters, The Pharaoh has ordered the decrease in their slave population, except for one that escaped, a infant boy named Moses. After several years, he becomes chief architect, and meets our heroes, and the main enemy, Set. However, over time, and after an accident, Moses becomes the deliverer. What will happen to our heroes next?


  • Set the God of Chaos, Anubis the God of Death, Osiris, The God of The Underworld, and Lucifer will appear in this adventure
  • At the end of the film, Rameses II, Set, and Anubis will become Aaron's enemies.
  • Moses and his people will join The Miztyk Knights at the end of this adventure.
  • This film is one of Aaron The Wise '91's favorite Dreamworks movies.

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