Aaron and The Rise of The Guardians is the Season opening of Season two, in the Aaron's Adventures Series.


Aaron and his friends are spending time with a young boy named, Jamie. Little do our heroes know, they'll become good friends with a new Guardian, his name is Jack Frost. But, soon they're a whole new adventure with the world's legendary guardians, Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, and The Sandman. But, when a new enemy called Pitch Black arrives, our heroes will have to stop him in order to keep the children believing in them.


  • Pitch Black will be allied by Lucifer, Jafar, and Maleficent.
  • At the end of the adventure, Aaron, & his Friends will become The Guardians of Hope, Yuma, & the others for the Aaron, & Yuma's Adventures Series will become The Guardians of Truth.
  • A special ending will show Pitch's transformation into Oogie Boogie.

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