Aaron Gets Spirited Away is an crossover for The Aaron's Adventures Series.


Aaron and The Miztyk Knights travel to a strange new world where ancient spirits come to repleanish themselves after protecting the other world. In their, they meet a young girl named Chihiro. They also learn that the building in the distance is in fact, a bath house. Suddenly, our heroes have become trapped in the spirit world and in order for them to return home, they must be employed at the bath house. During their time, they Yubaba's apprentice, Haku. Will Chihiro, and The Miztyk Knights be able to escape the Spirit World?


  • Dimitri, and Anastasia, will guest star as friends in this adventure.
  • The Kingdom of Darkness will return for payback. Members are Lucifer, and his demon allies, Kurata, Rasputin, and Dr. Facilier will work for Yubaba.
  • A new villain will appear at the end of the adventure, called Masqurade.
  • After Dr. Facilier is defeated, he gets sent back to the netherworld by Yubaba, and she calls his friends on the other to pay her "debt".

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