Aaron meets The Last Unicorn is the adventure where Friendship and love play an important role in this tale.


Aaron and his friends have entered a new world and discover a Unicorn, the last of her kind. She deicdes to find the rest of her kind and makes new friends, and new enemies, along the way. Aaron and  Megan are trying to tell each other They love eachother. Can Aaron, confess his love to Megan, and will they find the other Unicorns before King Haggard and The Red Bull, destroy them?


  • This Adventure finally has Aaron and Megan confessing their feeling for one another.
  • At the end of this Adventure, Schmendrik, Molly, and Prince Lyr join the team.
  • King Haggard will become Aaron's enemy
  • Myotismon, and Devimon will guest star in this film.


(Aaron's near scrafice, and The two confess there feelings)

  • Jake: All's well that ends well.
  • Keith: Yeah.
  • (Haggard's castle crumbles, as Megan tries to find Emi, unaware of a boulder coming down.)
  • Megan: (grunts) (gasps)
  • Aaron: Megan, watch out!
  • (Megan is pushed out of the way as the boulders near hiting Aaron)
  • Molly: NO!
  • Megan: (gasps) AARON! NO!
  • (Aaron actually mangaes to make it out of harms way but falls unconcious from a shockwave.)
  • Megan: (cries)
  • (The Unicorn appears and uses her magic to help Aaron regain conciousness)
  • The Unicorn: Don't cry Megan. He'll be alright.
  • Megan: What, it's you.
  • (Aaron wakes up and gets back on his feet and notices Megan on her knees with tears getting up as well.)
  • Megan: Oh, Aaron. With everything that's happened, it's okay if you don't want to speak to me anymore. But all I want you to know is that I'm in love with you Aaron, that's all. Your the most important person in the whole wide world.
  • (Aaron is quiet and staring at the ground, when Megan starts to cry, which she hasn't done in years. Molly is about to scold Aaron until...)
  • Aaron: And you are mine.
  • Megan: huh...? Aaron.
  • Aaron: Megan.
  • (The two finally embrace and share a long passionate kiss.)

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