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"I am known as The God of Darkness. My name is...Abzu" - Abzu's introduction

Abzu is the God of Darkness, and the main antagonist in Season 1 of Saint Seiya Omega. Abzu is show as an evil fallen angel yet completely demonic god who wants to cover the world in Darkness, and enlists Mars to help in channeling dark energy, for him. He even infects one of Athena's Knights, Koga, and possessing him. In the end, however, he meets his end, and is never seen again. He is strong, powerful, fast, dangerous, and above all, scary as death itself.

Abzu is known to create shadows of his allies such as Maleficent, and even Pitch (The Boogeyman). He's even known to create even more frightful shadows of beings not even heard of before. Overall, Abzu is one the most terrifying enemies anyone will have to face.


Abzu's design shows a bit of a dark Pegasus, but infected with the devil's energy as well. This being is practically, the juvenile form of Lilith. He even appears more as a female, than a male.



  • Abzu will become Aaron's enemy in Aaron's Adventures of Saint Seiya (Omega Chapter).
  • Abzu would then become a member of The Kingdom of Darkness, and become both deadly, and scary in ways, that are better left untold.
  • Abzu's power of darkness can even form many different forms, mainly tentacles.
  • Abzu can even posses someone completely in order to use their powers against the hosts allies.
  • Abzu also can create enough dark energy to create even more Heartless.