Apokarimon (Creepy Mode) t
Apocalymon (voiced by Paul St. Peter) is a Mutant Digimon created by the fallen digimon of the past. His power allowed him to defeat the digidestined once by turning them into digidust, but when they returned, he was defeated. before he vanished he performed an attack that would destory everything, but the power was contained by the power of the digivices, and he was finally beaten.


  • Apocalymon is the digimon design for the Apocalypse.
  • His dark speech attack can turn his enemy into nothingness.
  • He can touch anything and it becomes total Darkness
  • His ultimate attack is called Total Annilation, which destroys himself and everything with him.
  • He even has the attacks of all those that were defeated in the Past.
    Apocalymon t

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