Arik's Prologue is the second episode of Arik's Adventures Chronicles Season 1. This story is how Arik was born, after the final battle Aaron, & the other adventure teams defeating Lucifer forever.


The battle with Lucifer, was finally over, & Aaron, & Megan are settling in their new home of Kolma Village. While their, Megan starts to feel a little different, learning that she is going to have a baby. As time passes, Aaron, & Megan start to prepare a room for their child, until the big day arrives when the baby is about to be born. This begins a new life for their new born son, Arik Matsuhiro. When his teammates find them, they're surprised to see, after some time has passed, Aaron, & Megan with a child of their own. What will the other knights think of the child?


  • This episode will tell how Arik was born, & how his parents come to live in Kolma Village.


The Baby is Born

  • (Megan laying on the bed with Aaron coming in.)
  • Megan: Hey Aaron.
  • Aaron: Hello Megan.
  • (Aaron walks over to her.)
  • Aaron: You okay.
  • Megan: Baby's starting to kick.
  • (Megan soon starts to groan as she tries to bring their child out.)
  • Megan: Aaron...
  • Aaron: Right here, Megan.
  • (Megan grunts and screams until finally.)
  • (baby cries)
  • Doctor: Congratulations, you've given birth to a healthy baby boy.
  • Megan: May we see him.
  • Doctor: of coarse.
  • (Aaron and Megan cuddle up and smile at the sight of their new son, Arik.)

Reunion, and Surprise

  • (Keith and the others are still wondering where Aaron and Megan have gone. Nearly six years have passed since that day. Until Suzaku gets a phone call.)
  • Suzaku: Yes, (gasps) where are they?! We'll be right there. Thank You Very Much! (hangs up) We found them!
  • Knights: (Cheers!)
  • Kallen: Thank Goodness! Let's go and bring them home.
  • Sergent O'Neil: Roger that, Kallen.
  • (the group soon heads out towards Kolma Village to reunite with their friends.)
  • Keith: Well, here we are.
  • Jake: But where are they?
  •  ???: Well, isn't this a quite the surprise.
  • (The group soon turns to see Aaron and Megan, all right and smiling.)
  • Kallen: Your okay, everyone was worried about you.
  • Suzaku: We thought, we never see you again after the last battle.
  • Megan: Sorry we worried you, everyone.
  • (Aichi soon noticed someone with the two, only to see the child hide behind Aaron's leg.)
  • Aichi: Hey Aaron, You started an orphanage? There's a child next to you.
  • Aaron: This young man here is our son.
  • Everyone: (shocked)
  • Suzaku: Your son?
  • Arik: Hello there, My name is Arik. I'm Aaron and Megan's son. I pleased to meet you. (bows)
  • (The group soon realized that they had a new member, friend, and family. And were totally cool with it.)

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