Arik & The Mysterious Attic Sound is an episode from the Arik's Adventures Chronicles. This episode tells a story for a mystery.


Arik, & Hana are greeted by Jade Lee who comes to visit. While together, they suddenly hear a strange noise, coming from upstairs. Curious, they all decide to move up for a closer a investegation. After hearing it again, they get so scared, that the group run right back down stairs to Arik, & Hana's parents. Learning about what's going on, gives Aaron a reminder for a story. Will Aaron's story help Arik, Hana, & Jade solve their own mystery on what's in the attic?


  • This episode will show a couple of guest stars, Ib, & Garry.
  • This story mystery will be set at the art gallery Aaron, & his friends first met Ib.

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