Arik Meets Wreck-It Ralph is the third crossover film made by Aaron The Wise '91 for Arik's Adventures Series.


Arik, & Stellauna, have entered a video arcade when they suddenly get, sucked into the game Fix-It Felix Jr. and meet a friendly video game bad guy named, Wreck-It Ralph, a video game bad guy, who doesn't seem to get some thanks for doing the same job for thirty years. So they decide to help Ralph earn a metal in Hero's Duty, a shooter game. However end up in the racing sweets game, Sugar Rush. After befriending the games glitch, Vanellope Von Schweetz, they have to help her enter a race, & reset the game, before King Candy, throws them into his Fungeon. With Sergeant Calhoun, & Fix-It Felix Jr., looking for them, & some Cy-bugs, what will happen next?


  • Arik will be welcome to visit the gang and their friends at Game Central Station to visit anytime.
  • King Candy will be recruited by Lucifer in the end, & once more become a cy-bug.
  • This marks the debut of Stellaluna.

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