Arik and The Birthday Surprise is a two parter video in Arik's Adventures Chronicles.


It's Arik's birthday today, as he's now 10 years old. So his parents have decided to invite his friends, & some of their friends as well to the party. But when The Joker hears of Arik's party & decides to crash in, Arik will have to show just how much fun a party is supposed to be.

Guests presents

  • Aaron: Vanguard Deck (Gold Paladins, (Liberator Series))
  • Megan: Deck of his Favorite Miztyk Cards
  • Stellaluna: Her favorite mango fruit
  • Sharkboy: A Shark beacon
  • Lavagirl: Fire proof clothes
  • The Next Avengers: An Avengers comic book
  • Aaron, & Megan: Arik's new baby sister, Hana.


  • This episode will also show something very special at the end which will lead to the second part of the story.

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