Arik in Love is the third episode of Arik's Adventures Chronicles. This is a love story created by Aaron The Wise '91.


Arik is spending some time with his parents, & little sister when he accidently bumps into  a young girl about his age named, Jade Lee, & it's love at first sight. Soon, Arik tries to get to know Jade, & build up their friendship, & hopefully blossom into love. But, when Audrey II takes her, & his sister hostage, Arik must summon enough courage to stop the monstrous meat eating alein plant.


  • Guest star: Audrey II
  • Arik's love Intrest: Jade Lee
  • At the end of the episode, Arik, & Jade become a couple.
  • Audrey II will sing "Mean Green Mother From Outer Space" to Arik, while he has Jade, & Hana in his tentacle like vines, along with "Feed Me (Git It)", & "Suppertime" to Jade, & Hana when he first meets the two.

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