Arik recruites Stellaluna is the epilogue of Arik Meets Stellaluna in the Arik's Adventures Series.


The scene starts out late at night, after Stellaluna returns with her mother from eating mango fruit. Arik is waiting to ask her a question.

Arik: Welcome back.

Stellaluna: Oh, hey Arik, is something wrong?

Arik: No, nothing like that. I was wondering if you wanted to come with me on my adventures.

Stellaluna: You mean you want me on your team?

Arik: Of coarse.

Fruit Bat: It seems fair, besides, he's your friend. But I say, you should go.

Stellaluna: Mama, what do you say? Can I go?

Stellaluna's mother looked at her, then Arik, and she smiled.

Stellaluna's Mother: Let me know how your adventures go with Arik, keep me in contact.

Stellaluna: Thank You.

Arik: So then, your joining?

Stellaluna: Definitly.

Dawn came, Arik rode on Stellaluna's back as flew off towards, their newest adventure. They saw Stellaluna's bird family, as they flew by. Now where will there adventure be, we'll have to find out, next time on Arik's Adventures.

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