Dark Aya
Aya's demise

Aya's demise.

Aya (Voiced by Grey DeLisle) is one of the main heroes and later a villain in Green Lantern: The Animated Series. She is an Artificial Intelligence of the Interceptor created by Scar, one of the Guardians as a replacement for The Manhunters. Not log after she was made, Aya begin to download everything, which make her have free-will. Fearful of what Aya can do, Scar erase Aya's memories and place her as a navigator of the Interceptor. She later meet Hal Jordan and Kilowog during a mission with the Red Lanterns. She also created a robotic form to move outside the ship. She also meet Razer, a Red Lantern with a troubled past. Aya help Razer by saying rage doesn't have to be a weapon.

When the Lanterns came up against The Anti-Monitor, a robot capable of turning everything into nothing, Aya single-handedly defeat the machine, but became Dark Aya in the process.

Due to a conversation with Razer, Aya became the leader of The Manhunters as their queen. She sought to go back in time and to prevent the universe from being created.However, Aya redeemed herself by turning back to her old self and undoing what she did, but this heroic act cost Aya her life and she disappeared.


  • Aya is made from a small part of Ion, the embodiment of Will, which makes Aya the daughter of Ion.