"Do something unless you want me to crush you myself." - Bephegor making a demand.

Belphegor is the most member that dosen't want to get his hands dirty unless he has a need to. He is "The Lazy One", when it come to taking on enemies on his own, but when someone insults him, boy does go rampant. Belphegor is also one of their stronger demon kings.


Belphegor mainly uses a powerful energy attack released from his mouth, like a dragon breathing fire. He can also fight as a regular boxer, or martial artist, but enchanced with the strength of a bear, plus a gorilla. His horns are not just to display, also to literally charge into his opponents like a goat, or a ram, enpowered with the speed of an antalop, plus a cheetah.


  • Belphegor is reborn after a small of Belphemon's data gets released to reveal him in his true form, and revives Belphemon to become partners.

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