Bionicle Mask of Light The Movie (Aaron The Wise '91 Style) is a movie spoof of Miramax's Bionicle Mask of Light The Movie Created by Aaron The Wise '91.


  • Parn: Jaller
  • Alone: Takua/Takanuva
  • Aaron: Tahu
  • Osiris: Turaga Vakama
  • Poseidon: Turaga Onewa
  • Athena: Turaga Nokama
  • Announcer: Shiryu
  • Megan: Gali
  • Keith: Kopaka
  • Jake: Lewa
  • Ikki: Onua
  • Shun: Pohatu
  • Deedlit: Hali
  • Little Neese: Macku
  • Woodchuck: Hewkii
  • Ghim: Hafu
  • Raiden: Guardsman
  • Rahkshi: Themselves
  • Lucifer: Makuta Teridax
  • Masqurade: Takutanuva


  • The other knights will be the matoran
  • This Masqurade version in this movie spoof will be different form Lucifer and Alone

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