Rourke's demise.

Commander Rourke (voiced by the late James Garner) is the main antagonist of Jaden finds Atlantis: The Lost Empire. He lead an exploration team (which included Jaden and his friends) to find the city of Atlantis. But what Jaden and his friends didn't know was that Rourke was after the "Heart of Atlantis", which was a giant crystal, and sell it for money. He was defeated when he was crystalized and got shattered into pieces.


  • Rourke will become Jeffrey's enemy in Jeffrey & Friends discover Atlantis: The Lost Empire.
  • Rourke was the first enemy that the Eds faced; in fact, his movie was where the Atlantean Alliance was formed. He has been revived by Gargoyle, and is currently a member of the Scourge. 

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