Crash(performed by Tim Lagasse)? is one of the two main characters of? Michael Buzz and Delete Meet Crash and Bernstein.? He is a living puppet with many interesting abilities such as eating sandwiches the size of basketballs and eating a watermelon with a straw, and he comes with ninja weapons, such as ninja swords and a small cannon. Crash was created by Wyatt Bernstein? and then came to life. Crash is a extreme, crazy, and daredevilish puppet. Crash, apparently becomes Wyatt's adoptive brother. Crash also bathes in the toilet. Crash "faceslams" people that he loves, especially Wyatt as it is when Crash slams his head into the other people's head. Crash uses himself as a basketball. Crash can't spell, milkshakes go right through him.His eyes were the inspiration for ping pong balls, as said in a promo.


  • Crash will join the Cyberchase Fighters at the end of Michael Buzz and Delete meets Crash and Bernstein.
  • Crash doesn't like "girly" things like Make-up, Accessories, and Doll houses.

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