Titan cyclope by avispaneitor-d3bfhnh

Cyclops' demise.

The Cyclops (voiced by Patrick Pinney) is a one-eyed monster from Jaden meets Hercules. He was locked in a vault with the Titans, but when Hades released them, he sent the Cyclops to eliminate Hercules and Jaden permanently. He managed to pummel Hercules to the point of exhaustion, but with the help of Jaden, Hercules used his wits rather than his strength to defeat the Cyclops.

In the original Greek Legend, The Cyclops was one of many Titans locked away inTarterus, along with the Hundred Handers, by Uranus, father of Kronos. When Zeus released him, and the The Hundred Handers, and would respect them, and understands what his father did was wrong. The two Titans know, he respected them, and agreed to battle with Zeus to defeat Kronos and The Titans. As a token of thanks, The Cyclops gave Zeus, The Power of The Lightning Bolt, allowing him to get the advantage he needed to defeat Kronos.


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