Dagur Race to the Edge
Dagur The Deranged (Voiced By David Faustino) Is One Of The main antagonists In Dragons: Riders Of Berk. He Is The Leader Of The Berserkers Of Berserk Island. He Was said to have Overthrown His Father, Oswald The Agreeable And Pursues The mission To Bring The Berserkers Back To The Original Island. He Is One Of Hiccup's Dangerous Enemies. He Is with Alvin, Mildew, And Savage. He also considers his father a coward. Eventually, Dagur finds out that Berk no longer hunts dragons, and than plots to kill both Hiccup and Toothless.



  • Dagur is Hades' friend.
  • Dagur will become Jeffrey and Jaden's enemy in Jeffrey, Jaden & Hiccup get Spirited Away.
  • Dagur will destroy everything that Hiccup, Jaden, And Jeffrey love: including The Grimwood Girls, Vanellope, Alexis, Toothless, Aqua and Xion. However, they won't let Dagur harm them.
  • Dagur will Return in Dragons Race to the Edge