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Darkseid (voiced by Michael Ironside) is the absolute ruler of Apokolips, would-be conquerer of the universe and Superman's and The Ed's greatest enemy.

He psychically feeds on the despair and misery of others. Darkseid has conquered and subjugated an unspecified number of planets throughout the universe. Darkseid has only two goals: to conquer Earth, & destroy the Justice League, & find & accquire the "Anti-Life Equation". He was defeated by Lex Luthor, when he gave him The Anti-Life Equation, taking them both when the equation was activated.



  • Darkseid is the ultimate enemy of Darkblade and The Eds. He is the new ruler of The Horde Of Darkness.
  • Darkseid will become one of Jaden and Jeffrey's dangerous enemies in the future.
  • Darkseid will become Aaron's most terrifying enemy in the future.
  • Will join "The Legion of Darkness."
  • Darkseid Will Attempt To Possess Ben Maza, and Will Unlock Maza Kryptonian DNA,
  • Darkseid will become Twilight and the Rainbooms' enemy in ​Twilight and The Rainbooms meets Justice League​, and after he learned that they have Equestrian magic within them, he seeks getting their magic and seal them for their fate.
  • Darkseid will be defeated and publicly humiliated by kyle akers after kyle unlocks his true power of righteousness.

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