Devimon t

The Master of The Black Gears

Devimon (voiced by Tom Wyner) is a Fallen Angel Digimon that ruled File Island in the Digital World. He has the power to control a deivce known called, The Black Gears, which cause Digimon to change from good to evil. He was defeated in the end by T.K. and his partner Patamon after digivolving into Angemon.


  • The Touch of Evil: Stabs his claws into his targets and infuses them with dark energy to put them under his thrall.
  • Death Hand: Unleashes a blast of unholy energy from his hands.



  • Devimon will meet Aaron after defeating, Kurata.
  • Devimon will Join The Black Knights and learn the power to change his form from Pahantasos

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