Diego Junior
Mlp resource elements of harmony by grievousfan-d6eiln8 (2)

DJ's Element of Harmony (Kindness)

"Sometimes I wish i were you." - DJ to Xion.

Diego Jr., or DJ for short, is the son of Diego and Shira.

He looks like his mother. He is very shy and timid, but he can be brave at times too. Sometimes, DJ can also be sarcastic like his father and mother.


  • Xion
  • His sister Tammy and his girlfriend Snowflake
  • Fluttershy
  • Being kind and helpful to others
  • Being brave
  • Chocolate
  • The color green
  • Meat
  • Discord (due to being advised by Fluttershy and Beetles to befriend him)
  • Playing with and watching over Lily Yuki and Flurry Heart


  • Being scared
  • Xion, Fluttershy or any other members of his family being sad
  • Fang
  • Heartless
  • Being wet
  • Being alone
  • Hunters
  • Pickles
  • Being called a coward
  • Being called "kitty"



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