Dr Hutchinson

"'kay?"-Dr Hutchinson

Doctor Paula Hutchinson (Voiced By Linda Wallem) Is a feline character with a hook that appeared In Hiccup's Adventures Of Rocko's Modern Life. She is a dentist, surgeon, cashier, pharmacist, and veterinarian. She jokingly admits that she quit her job as a dentist because she's "Tired of looking down the mouth!!", and became a surgeon. As a cashier, she admits that she "Just Couldn't Cut it!" She Has A Love Interest, A Turtle Named Filburt Turtle, (Since He Fall In Love with Her In "Rinse And Spit") And Eventually Got Married In "The Big Answer", And Her Mother Doesn't Want Her to married filburt because of "Cats And Turtles Don't Mix" And Her Mother doesn't Get Along With Her Husband, Frank, But Her Mother Likes Frank Anyway. And Filburt and Paula Have Children, Two Baby Turtles, One Baby Cat, And A Baby Steer, (Whom Heffer Sit On The Egg In The episode, "From Here To Maternity",) She's A Good Friend Of Rocko, Heffer, The Bigheads, And Filburt and Likes Him, And Hiccup and His Gang In Hiccup's Adventure Team, She Was A Prom Queen Of O-Town High School, Her Catchphrase Is "Kay?" Said While Tilting Her Head.


  • Dr Hutchinson, Along With Filburt Will Be Joining Hiccup in Hiccup's Adventures
  • She Will Also Meet Pooh In Pooh's Adventures Of Rocko's Modern Life.
  • Just Like Gobber, She tells The gang to Fix The right thing For What Terrible happens Or They Screw up.
  • in Hiccup's Adventures Of Rise Of The Guardians, Her Center is Love
  • in Hiccup Meets the Mummy, the Mummy will afraid of her, because she's a cat, because cats are the guardians of the underworld. which is the Mummy's greatest fear.
  • She also loves to be with Lily acting like an Aunt to her.