Dragonic Overlord 3

King of The Kagero

Dragonic Overlord is the leader of The Kagero clan in the cardgame, Cardfight!! Vanguard, and Aaron's personal avatar. This dragon is the most powerful of the whole Kagero clan, this dragon is the most mightiest to his opponents. Aaron meets this dragon in a dream, while spending some with Aichi Sendou. After spending some time with Aaron, he becomes a good friend to him, along with the other clan members of Kagero.

After saving him from Maleficent, in her dragon form, he becomes Aaron's very Avatar, and follows him where ever he went with friends. He became a big fan of his travels and his clan decided to become Miztyk Knights as well. He's designed as a huge humanoid dragon with red, blue, and violet, scaled armor, with large red wings, and wielding a huge sword.


Dragonic Overlord has ability called, Eternal Flame. By turning over three cards, he loses his twin drive, but gains another 5000 power, and when his attack hits, he stands right by up to attack again, and again. His evolved can discard a copy of himself, to stand up, this is called a persona blast.



  • Dragonic Overlord is the most furocious dragon The Miztyk Knights will befriend and  have as a teammate.
  • Dragonic Overlord is even more powerful than Maleficent, even in her Dragon Form.

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