Duskmon t

Knight of the Shadows

Duskmon (Voiced by Crispin Freeman) is a Demon Man Hybrid type Digimon. He wields a pair of swords called Brute Evolution, which literally come out of the skull like hands in his arms. His Deadly Gaze is a real eyesore, and his Lunar Plasma attack makes you want to run as you never ran before. Duskmon makes you fell really scared of him until you hear his side of the story and the you start to feel sorry for the guy.


Duskmon was once a human named Koichi Ikimurai, Kogi's brother, who suffered an accident from falling down a huge set of stairs at the train station. He never returned from the hospital, and lost conscienceness, when he came to, he was in the Digital World and Cherubimon in his Virus form, and was givin the Warrior spirit of Darkness and became, Duskmon. After a while, he was givin the Beast Spirit of Darkness, and digivolved into Velgemon. He however ended up defeated by Beowulfmon, and returned to becoming Koichi.


  • Duskmon in the digimon form of Dusk, one the times of day when the sun sets
  • Duskmon will become one of The Miztyk Knights after being defeated, and then protected by them.
    Velgemon t

    Velgemon, The Nightmare Hawk

  • Duskmon will be the core of Skullgreymon, until released after Skullgreymon is defeated.