Superman blue and red dc universe online by macgyver75-d5e0r8q

Dylan Bomber as Ice & Fire Form before his mutation

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Dylan Bomber after his mutation at Gen U Tech.

Dylan Bomber brother of Alex Bomber. Dylan's life was not a good one it was bad, Anton Sevarius had Tortured him everyday, Dylan would yell at Sevarius from time to time and every time Dylan yell at him Sevarius would shoot his left knee but he was a Healing Super-Speeding WereWolf but it would still hurt Dylan Sevarius would always lock him up in steal cain's, whip him, yell at him, & sometimes cut's him. Dylan's life was torture & Dylan hated it but he had to live through it. but finally 1 year after Alex Bomber was changed to Orange Hulk Dylan could not take it anymore then he scratched Sevarius non stop then Dylan Super-Speeded out the building then he would alway's make people have a good life & try and keep it good unlike his life.

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