Eve from wall e by soygcm-d3df9ao

EVE (voiced by Elissa Knight) is the deuteragonist of Jaden meets WALL-E. She is an Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator robot who came to Earth in search of something, and WALL-E fell in love with her. WALL-E tried to get close to her, but she was igonored him and was following her directive. She eventually befriends him, and after WALL-E showed her a plant, she stored it inside her and went into standby mode. Days past, and the ship came back for her, and took EVE and WALL-E to the Axiom. She was taken to the captain, but the plant was missing. But with WALL-E and Jaden and his team's help, she recovered it, stopped AUTO, and brought the Axiom back to Earth, where she and WALL-E finally become a couple.


  • EVE will meet Jeffrey in Jeffrey & Friends meet WALL-E. At the end, she and WALL-E will join the team.
  • EVE is close friends with Weebo.

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