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"Great Belin" - Fflewddur's catchphrase

Fflewddur Fflam (voiced by the late Nigel Hawthorne) has a magic harp that will break everytime Fflewddur tells a lie or colors in the facts. His catchphrase is "Great Beelin'!" The witch Orwen has a romantic interest in him while Orgoch wants to turn him into a frog and eat him. Fflewddur, however, has his moments of bravery such as when he stands up to the witches so that they will revive Gurgi. Though not specified in the film, in the books Fflewddur is a king of a rather small kingdom and generally prefers to travel as a bard across Prydain.


  • Fflewddur joins the Eds' team the Atlantean Alliance in The Eds' Adventures of The Black Cauldron.

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