Flora (voiced by Kerry Williams) is the Fairy of Nature. She draws her power from flowers, plants, and trees. Flora is a very kind-hearted and sensitive girl with a passion for nature and life. She is always happy and intelligent; she is also always a sweet, loyal friend and does not believe in hurting others or the environment. Flora is the wisest and thoughtful of the Winx, and she is always the first to ask how anyone is feeling. She is fond of plants and nature and her room consequently resembles a greenhouse. She comes from Linphea, the planet of Nature where everybody is relaxed, calmed and peaceful. Her pixie is Chatta, the pixie of gossip. In the third season, it is revealed that Flora has a younger sister named Miele. Her magical pet is Coco, a pink cat. Aisha is her bestfriend. Her bonded selkie is Desiree. She is Helia's girlfriend. Flora's birthday is March 1. Her hobbies are gardening. She loves butterflies and her friends, and her favorite colors are green and pink. 


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