Garfield bd3

Garfield the Cat (voiced by Lorenzo Music, and later on Frank Welker) is a fat lazy tabby orange cat who does nothing but eat and sleep. Even though he's full of himself, he sometimes does good things. Jaden knows that he is good, but doesn't want to confess it. His counterpart is a stupid yellow dog named Odie, and his owner is named John Arbuckle.


  • Garfield will first guest star in Jaden meets Anastasia.
  • Garfield will guest star in Jaden gets Tangled.
  • Garfield will meet Jeffrey and his friends in Jeffrey & Friends meet Garfield.
  • Garfield will meet Sly Cooper in Sly Cooper meets Garfield.
  • Garfield will meet The Eds in the future.
    Garfield 1924-480x360

    Garfield as he appears in his live-action movie.

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