640px-Grundel Toad's defeat

Grundel's demise.

"I marry her!" -Grundel

Grundel Toad (voiced by the late Joe Lynch) is the main antagonist of Jaden Meets Thumbelina. He was madly in love with Thumbelina, but he was using all the wrong methods to win her. He blackmailed Berkeley Beetles into helping him by taking his wings, tried to get rid of Prince Cornelius the fairy prince, and his mom kidnapped Thumbelina. After crashing a wedding Mr. Mole had set up for him and Thumbelina, he chased after Thumnelina, until Cornerlius showed up and challenged him to a fight, until the both fell into a chasm. By the end, Grundel survived and married a female toad, but he wants revenge on Jaden for angering him.


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