Hades Alone by Tomas Jefferson

Hades is the Divine Lord, and Greek God of the Underworld, and will stop a nothing in order to rule The Kingdom of Divinity. His intensions always cause trouble for Aaron and the team, but not as much as Lucifer who leads the Kingdom of Darkness. He has at his side the 108 Specters, along with his sister, Pandora, and genarals Hypnos, and Thanatos, in the Specters, only four remain and have returned, Bennu Kagaho, Wyvern Rhadamantys, Griffon Minos, and Garuda Aiacos.


Hades was was born to Kronos as one of his sons and was devoured by Kronos and kept in his stomach, until released by Zeus, who would become Alone, and fought alongside him to defeat their father, along side Hera, who would become Aria, and Poseidon. Afterwards, Hades became the God of Tartarus, the Greek Underworld, ruling all the dead with his spectors, and allied Gods, Hypnos, and Thanatos, along with Pandora. He eventually met Lucifer, and became his most loyal General.



  • Hades and Athena have always been having problems with each other.
  • The two eventually battle one another for the hope or destruction.
  • Hades also tries to rule the Kingdom of Darkness his way while Lucifer is out.

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