Hiccup's Adventures Of Brave Is A upcoming crossover Will Be Made By Aaron the Meerkat, It will be upload to Youtube Or Vimeo In The Near Future.


The film Starts When Hiccup and His Gang Now finished With Thier Adventures In Agrabah And Start To Go In Scotland so They Can Relax, But Then, They Meet Merida, The triplets, Queen Elinor, And King Fergus. But Merida Wants To Change Her Fate. And Hiccup Is willing To Help Her. Merida Doesn't Want To Be like Her mother, She wants what she wants to be, so they set off to find a witch to change her fate. But Everything Goes Bad when Elinor turns Into A Bear. And Hiccup And The gang Is Going To Help Both Of Them To Set Things right Before its to late.


  • Hiccup Reveals That Merida Is Hiccup's Cousin.
  • Astrid and Merida Have both In Common Being Swordsmen and Fighters.
  • Craig Ferguson Voiced Both Characters, Gobber and Lord Macintosh.
  • Merida will join the team in a later adventure.

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