Hiccup Wreck It Ralph
Hiccup's Adventures Of Wreck It Ralph
is an upcoming crossover will be made by Aaron the Meerkat, it's about Hiccup and his gang journeys across the arcade.


it's starts with Hiccup sees an arcade and decides to play the game called "Fix It Felix jr", and his friends are watching him. until they got zap, bringing them to the game central station, and meets Wreck-It Ralph, an arcade villain who's tired doing this same day in the game every day, every year. they decide to help him to win a medal in "Hero's Duty", until they ended it getting attack by a Cy-Bug and crashed to "Suger Rush", and They Meet Vanellope Von Schweetz, and she want to be a real Racer like other Racers, but she's a glitch, and King Candy doesn't want her to become a racer, Now Ralph, Hiccup & His Gang will help Vanellope to become a real Racer. but what they didn't know that Fix-It Felix Jr. And Calhoun Working together to Find Them Before Chasing A Cy Bug.


  • Gobber will team up with Felix And Calhoun to find a Hiccup, Ralph And The Others.
  • When Turbo will be revealed and Hiccup and his Friends will be shocked.
  • At the end, Ralph, Felix, Vanellope, And Calhoun will join Hiccup And his Gang to thier adventures.

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