Hilda is the Guardian of Odin, God of Wisdom, and the Ruler of a land called Asgard. Her magic can freeze an enemy temporarily, but her new armor can protect those she truly cares for. She once was the control of an evil item called the Nebelheims Ring, but the help of Aaron and his friends, she was freed and created an crystalic armor in the name of Odin. She now wears the armor to help train future warriors in the Odin's name, by helping Aaron's Arik in training in the way of Duel Monsters.

Hilda is one of the only warriors who was not under Lucifer's control, but under the control of, Dohbar, a evil servant of Odin, by useing the Nebelheims Ring. She was once a very kind hearted woman until Dohbar possesed her with the ring. Now that she has been freed, she helps out our heroes with any problems with the enemy.



  • Hilda's homeland of Asgard is located in a very cold place where snow comes all year round, but stops for some sunlight every now and again.
  • She cares for her teammates after the end of the Asgard chapter in Aaron's Adventures of Saint Seiya.

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