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This article is on the Hubie and Marina Adventures. Join, Hubie, his mate Marina and all their friends as they venture outside Antarctica to explore new worlds, make new friends, battle enemies and save the world.

The Team

Hubie: An Adelie penguin with blue eyes, and wears a red cap and yellow scarf. He is one of the leaders of the team. He's clumsy, but very kind-hearted and willing to do anything for his friends. Hubie married Marina and became her mate for life after defeating the evil Drake. He presented to her a green emerald for his proposal pebble and she accepted saying that she loves him even more.

Marina: An Adelie penguin with green eye and wears a rose on her head and a pink pearl choker around her neck. She is the second leader of the team and Hubie's beloved mate. She is considered the most beautiful penguin of the rookery. Aside from being pretty, Marina is also beautiful on the inside; loving, caring, understanding and motherly. 

Rocko: A Rockhopper penguin that Hubie met on the Good Ship Misery. He has red eyes, a bandana around his neck and yellow eyebrows. His one dream was to fly and after helping Hubie make it back to Antarctica, his dreams comes true when Petra, Beanie and Timmy give him the wingspeed so he could rescue Hubie and Marina from certain death. Rocko is Hubie's best friend. He's a little gruff and can get easily pushed to his limits, but at the same time, he cares for his friends and does all he can to protect and stand up for them.

Petra, Beanie and Timmy: The little birds from Antarctica and Hubie's good friends. Petra is the female bird with a pink bow. Timmy is the little male bird with red feathers and Beanie is the blue male bird, with boots. The team mostly refers to them as "the kids" or "the children" because Hubie and Marina treat them as if they were their own children. Petra thinks love is a wonderful thing, but Beanie thinks it's all mushy stuff, while Timmy has no opinion. But they all share something in common. They have courage to face their fears. 

Bonkers D. Bobcat: A police bobcat from Hollywood. He is orange with black spots, a tigger-like tail and always wears a cop uniform. He's considered the goofiest of the team. Bonkers joined Hubie and his friends after the events of Hubie and Marina's Adventures Of Pokemon The First Movie when they all met up with no memory of Mewtwo and Mew's battle. 

Pikatwo (Pikachu's clone): A Future Member. 

Fawn Deer : A Future Member.

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