The Hydra (voiced by Frank Welker) is one of the many 12 labors of Hercules, and one of the monsters in Disney's Hercules. The creature is serpent like creature who desires to devour any unforunte being nearby. When he faces Hercules, he manages, to devour him, but then he gets decapitated. In the legend, whenever the Hydra's head gets chopped off, up to three new heads grow out to replace the on that was lost. Hercules continues to cut off the creature, and more heads grow. The Hydra was defeated when he was crushed by an avalanch done by Hercules.



  • The creature is also called the Lamenean Hydra, and in the original legend the next time he chopped off one of the Hydra's Heads, he burbed it so it wouldn't grow back.

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