Hydra Wolf Vektin Morso's Pet.

Hydra Wolf is Vektin Morso's pet. Hydra Wolf is a Wolf & a Hydra mixed Hydra Wolf is a fearless beast that can shoot fire out of his mouth & can grow wing's in 30 second's that can go back in his body he has a long scaley tale. and he is a Super Flying Howling Running Fighting Big Pet. Hydra Wolf is very loyal to Vektin & will protect Vektin at all cost's but Vektin can take care of himself Hydra Wolf still protect's Vektin.


  • Hydra Wolf is 7 feet long & 6 feet tall
  • Likes to eat meat
  • Loves his owner Vektin Morso
  • Likes to howl at night
  • Can spread wing's in 30 seconds
  • Loves to fight
  • Likes to breath fire
  • And likes to blow up stuff.

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