Hypnos 1
"Eternal Drowsiness!" - Hypnos's attack.

Hypnos is the Greek God of Sleep for Hades. He serves as the general for The Castle of Darkness in the name of The Dark Ones. His Brother, Thanatos, is the same as him. Hypnos also has his four persona children, who fight as his soliders, Oneiros, Icelus, Monirus, and Phantasos.


Hypnos was once a proud alley in The Kingdom of Light, until banished to the darkness with the Dark Ones. Now he serves as a warrior of Hades, Making sure no one harms his master. He become a Dark One after Hades Joined The Kingdom of Darkness.


  • Hypnos and Thanatos are brothers
  • Hypnos will become Aaron's enemy at the end of Aaron's Adventures in Saint Seiya in the Lost Canvas Chapter.


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