These are the list of episodes of Jaden's Adventures Chronicles.


Jaden Yuki, Alexis Rhodes, Berkley Beetle, Scamper, Brain, Cheshire Cat, Nails the Spider, Bartok the Bat, The Mask, Jesse Anderson, Mavis, Thundara Wolf, Manny, Sid the Sloth, Diego, Ellie, Peaches, Crash, Eddie, Shining Armor, Princess Cadence, Louis the Molehog, Granny Sloth, Diego Jr, Tammy, Gonzo the Great & Rizzo the Rat.

Other Heroes

Jeffrey Dragonheart, AquaPikachuMeowthNathanMitsukiBatty KodaPatchMushuXion, FigaroShadowChance, SassyDelilahBoltMittensRhinoMeiGabuSamMaxBrandyMr. WhiskersStuart LittleMargaloSnowbell, MontyBlazeSkipperKowalskiRicoPrivate, KivaPuss in BootsJijiCatDogZoe CrugerBuckTwilight SparkleApplejackFluttershyRarityRainbow DashPinkie PieSpikeApple BloomSweetie BelleScootaloo, WALL-EEVECharlieItchy, Veemon, Gloria the Glam, Penny the Wild, Amy the Smart, Flora the Shy, Courage the Cowardly DogTomJerryOsmosis JonesDrix, Sabrina Spellman, Salem the CatCollette and Baby Tiragon.

Season 1:

Season 2

Season 3


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