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Jaden's Adventures of Flubber is an upcoming Jaden's Adventure film to be created by Ren the God of Humor.


An absent-minded professor named Philip Brainard makes a billiant discovery when he creates a green substance called Flubber that creates an a tromendous amount of energy as it bounces. With it, and with Jaden, Ash, and the other's help, it could help fiance a college that may be closed.




  • Philip: *whispers* Do it for Weebo.
  • Flubber: *growls*
  • Wilson: LOOK OUT!!!!
  • Jaden: Now!
  • Ash: Pikachu!!! Thunderbolt!!!
  • Pikachu: Pikaaaaaaaaachuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!! *unleashes a bright Thunderbolt attack*
  • (The bright light causes Flubber to go crazy and bounce around the room)
  • Chester: GET HIM!!!
  • (Smith and Wesson attempt to punch Philip, but Philip jumps with the flubber on his shoes, and Smith and Wesson end up punching each other)
  • Set: STOP THEM!!!!
  • Jessie: Right! Arbok! Go!!! *throws a Pokéball*
  • James: Weezing!!! Go get 'em!! *throws a Pokéball*


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